What do you spend on attracting new business? Let’s think about marketing, networking, sales, SEO…

Have you thought about investing in the customers you already have? Can you say with certainty that you understand exactly what they want from your business and know that you are providing it in an efficient and delightful way?

A comprehensive and innovative customer experience strategy will increase the longevity of your business and ultimately benefit your bottom line.


About Us

Founded in 2019 by Laura Shelley, Dellan Consulting is an approachable consultancy committed to transforming your customer experience in a way that works for you and your business. We will help you to connect with your customer, engage and inspire your employees and measure your success.

We work closely with key people in your organisation to map out exactly what it is that your customers want and how you can not only keep them happy, but delight them.

Our flexible approach and pricing strategy means that customer experience transformation is achievable for all sizes of business and project.

Please see our Services for more information on how we can help you achieve this.

Our Philosophy

We passionately believe in the benefits of implementing a customer experience strategy that suits your business. We can help you:

Create customer loyalty:

Loyal customers will leave good reviews, recommend your business to others and ultimately save you money.

Engage your employees

Engaged staff will care more about your business and get more job satisfaction. They will be more invested in your business’s ethos and in acting as champions for the reputation you want to build with your customers. 

Improve retention

Less employee turnover will lower recruitment and training costs and build better customer relationships.

Gain more insight into your customers

Surveying your customer will help you to understand what it is they really want from your business. We can then help you to provide this experience to your customer in the most effective way.



Not sure where to start? Which service is the best for your business? Want to discuss the benefits and how the consultancy would work in practice? Let’s have a conversation.

Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation. We prefer to come and see you in person but can arrange phone or video call by request.

Business Analysis

We can analyse your business from a customer’s perspective and tell you what is working really well and which areas we can still add value to. This can include a customer survey to gain more insight into who your customer is and what they want. A great starting point before engaging any of our other services.

Customer Journey Mapping

The process of journey mapping will provide a clear picture of every single interaction that a customer has with your business. Here, we can identify touch points you may not have been aware of, and highlight opportunities to inspire and delight your customer.

Mystery Shopping

Regularly reviewing your business from the customer’s perspective will keep staff incentivised and will help your business to keep the customer at the centre of everything it does. Our reviewers are personally vetted and tested before completing any work and all reports are bespoke to your needs. We also include a follow up meeting to discuss outcomes and actions following a review.

Customer Experience Design

Whether you are a start up or an established business, we can design your customer experience from end to end. We will consider all user experiences that are relevant for your business in order to transform your customer experience in to one that will make your business stand out from the competition.

Bespoke Training

For us, a huge part of customer experience transformation is engaging your employees. It is critical to your success that staff believe in your message and feel valued. Our bespoke training packages will bring the very best out of your team. We can also advise on CV screening and interview technique to ensure you are recruiting the best people from the start.


Laura Shelley founded Dellan following more than a decade working in customer facing and managerial positions within the hospitality and commercial sectors. After undertaking a management training programme with a 5* boutique hotel group, Laura held various management positions before moving into corporate hospitality. Working in senior management for a leading service provider, Laura was responsible for a wide range of business provisions including pitching for new business, recruitment, people management and adhering to SLAs.

Laura has a very natural manner and can adapt herself to work equally well in corporate as well as more casual settings. She has an acute understanding of the nuances of service and how to leave a lasting impression on your customer. Her skills lie in quickly being able to read a situation and provide the most appropriate solution. Bringing a consultant in can be daunting but Laura’s tact and patience mean that changes can be implemented without treading on anyone’s toes or upsetting the balance of your business environment.

We work with a small team of freelancers to assist with delivering on projects as and when needed.

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